File already exists, but cannot be deleted!

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Re: File already exists, but cannot be deleted!

Post by cobian »

I'm just guessing: some NAS systems have a maximum length to the path+file name which could result in funny errors like this one. I saw this on a Netgear NAS I had some time ago where the limit was 256 characters. Not saying that this is your case here, but, do you see the same problem with shorter names?
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Re: File already exists, but cannot be deleted!

Post by AJB »

Thanks, Luis - I did wonder about path length, but I don't think that's the problem, for several reasons:
1: I can create that directory manually on the NAS
2: That particular problem did not occur on either the previous or subsequent day's incremental backup, although ...
3: ... on the subsequent day I got a similar "cannot create" message with a much shorter path length:
ERR 2020-11-11 23:09 Couldn't create the directory "\\Fritz-nas\fritz.nas\AJB_backup\ANDREW-T510\Documents 2020-11-11 23;00;34 (Incremental)\Space for Dell\Application Data\Uniblue\RegistryBooster": Cannot create a file when that file already exists
... but interestingly no corresponding subsequent "couldn't delete" message ... and this last directory is NOT empty and has been happily created and backed up in the past - including in the most recent "Full" backup!

All very strange!!

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