Can´t backup on NAS

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Can´t backup on NAS

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Hi there,

I'm trying to back up files on a NAS.
In Windows Explorer I can access it without problems and also create new folders. However, if I enter the path to the NAS in Cobian, Cobian cannot create a folder. I then get the following error message in the logfile:
Couldn't create the destination directory "\\\Public\": The syntax for the file name, directory name or volume label is incorrect.

It doesn't matter whether I enter the IP address, the network name of the NAS or the network drive.

I do the same backup on another PC and it works without any problems there.

I've been looking for hours but can't solve the problem. It's probably just a stupid configuration setting.

Hopefully you have an idea that can help me.

Many thanks in advance!
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Re: Can´t backup on NAS

Post by cobian »

I would begin by changing the installation mode from Service to Application to see if the problem is solved.
Luis Cobian
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