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Announcement and help

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As you all may know, Cobian Backup was sold back in 2013 and I no longer own the code. I have been working for some time in a successor to Cobian Backup, named at this time Cobian Reflector. The main changes are:

* Completely rewritten in C# using the .NET platform 4.6. This (in theory) could make it easier to port the program to other OSs
* User interface done using Windows Presentation Foundation which allows the interface to be dpi independent and use vector graphics
* Support for SFTP
* Native 64 bit programs on 64bit systems and Native 32 on 32-bit systems
* A new History engine
* and some other features....

The program is being implemented in my free time. Unfortunately time is money and some functions (like sftp, encryption and compression) could take years to implement myself (and would never be as good as existing professional ones) so I am buying some of those libraries myself to use with this program. As you can imagine, this is a lot of money to invert on a freeware project.

If you are interested in helping the development of Cobian Reflector, you can do it so by sending a little money to my PayPal account No donation is too little: 1 dollar or 2 would help. I thank you in advance.
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