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PLEASE HELP cobian created infinite folders

Posted: 26 Mar 2021, 21:05
by floorofficial
I have a specific problem.
(I'm using win 10)

I installed the cobian backup tool and made a backup. However, the selected folder to copy was the same as the target folder, in other words I looped copying an empty folder to next folder. Hence 257 folders were created and they cannot be deleted in any way.
The folder structure looks like this:
The created folder is on the SSD drive.
I tried everything, I even tried Shredder app and guess what... Folders reappeared. When I try to delete them, windows says the folder is not empty, BUT ACTUALLY IT IS EMPTY BECAUSE IT WEIGHTS 0 BYTES. I'm so done with this.

It looks like this is permanent. The worst thing is that Cobian allowed users to do this action, like without any warning and there's no single word about this in FAQ.

Take a look at these screenshots: it's explained nicely (at least I hope so)

Re: PLEASE HELP cobian created infinite folders

Posted: 30 Mar 2021, 20:26
by cobian
That's why you have the Deleter tool in the Tools menu.