Livemail Backup not saving folder

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Livemail Backup not saving folder

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OS Windows 10

Backing up Windows Livemail email client folders. I know this is an old unsupported program but it is the only one I know that stores each message in a separate file.

I have just bought a new computer and am setting up my programs and backup and have run into a problem. This may have been present before and I have never noticed it.

For reasons I don't understand LiveMail has created two similarly named folders. e.g. "Storage Folders" and "Storage Folders (1)". This applies to other folders as well.

Cobian Backup is not backing up the second folder (without reporting an error) containing the (1) in the folder name. Both folders contain email data.

Why is the second folder not being backed up and what can I do about it?
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Re: Livemail Backup not saving folder

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Hmm... trying to reproduce the problem with a source with 2 folders called Storage Folders and Storage Folders (1) and both subfolders are getting copied here both with or without compression.
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