Send log to mail = "Read timed out"

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Send log to mail = "Read timed out"

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Thanks for super sw !
I do have one issue which i cant get my head around:
I want the logs to be sent to a specific mail-address (for archive purpose).

I believe i have set up the mail parameters correctly since i get the following messages when running "Test..."

The test will be processed by the engine. Please wait...
Connected to the SMTP server 465
Disconnected from the SMTP server
ERR Couldn't mail the log files: Read timed out.
ERR The operation was completed with errors

Since i get Connected and then Disconnected, that should imply that the connection to the port is OK. Right ?
So what is the "Read" referring to ?
is it the port, the actual log file, or something else?
I have tried to run it as administrator but with same result.
I can see the log files on the drive: C:\Program Files (x86)\Cobian Backup 11\Logs

Thanks for any advise
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Re: Send log to mail = "Read timed out"

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Sometimes the port 465 is only used for handshaking. When the connection is done, then the message transfer is done on another port. Just guessing.
Luis Cobian
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