Character encoding via ftp transfer

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Character encoding via ftp transfer

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to make some backups in a remote server via ftp transfer. Backups look great however when some files or folders have accent marks the destination filename change.

For example, if the original filename is Pruebé I get 'PRUEb'$'\351'' as a result.

I almost sure that the problem is related with Character Encoding however I am not sure where I have to look for fix the problem ( is it an issue in the ftp transfer? Do I have to configure something inside Cobian? or maybe Do I need to configure something in the destination server?

I really need destination files keep their names.

Thanks for any help,
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Re: Character encoding via ftp transfer

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Yes, this is a problem with character encoding. If your server supports unicode (UTF8, for example) character transfers , try checking the option Force UTF8 in the Advanced tab of the FTP dialog. This is case the client is not autodetecting this feature for some reason.
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