Continuing backup cycle after rebuild

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Continuing backup cycle after rebuild

Post by jcs14257 » Mon Jul 01, 2019 11:50 am

First as a long time user of Cobian I am pleased to see you are back!

I registered for this forum as I had a new problem to face. A feature ^update" failed (I had never had a successful feature update and was two feature updates behind and eventually it was retrying twice a day with no way to stop it making my computer virtually unusable) and I needed Microsoft support. They initiated an update which wiped all my programs and user accounts and data. I had anticipated this might be the case and had taken an image of my programs partition (using Macrium free edition) and a copy of my profile (my user data is on a different partition). I unsuccessful tried to find a solution on the Internet to resume my backup cycle of full backup followed by a set of incremental backups for four types of data.

As it happens due to delay in my registration becoming operational I think I have already solved the problem (it has worked so far) but would appreciate your comments to see if there is an easier way of doing it or missed something. Even if I have done it correctly this post may help someone else in the same situation.

I was easily able to create a new user account (on my data partition) but the new user account, although having the same name, as expected has a different ID within the file structure so the file permissions all needed to be modified. I wanted my backups to continue the backup cycle I had set up many years and several computers ago (four full backups, and a 29 incremental backups). I initially registered for this forum to ask how to move my backup setup to my new installation. Previously the File and Transfer Wizard had migrated my data successfully between computers. Unfortunately Microsoft no longer provide this tool.

My starting point was an image backup of the C: Drive and a backup copy of my user profile prior to the rebuild. Note I have a Standard User Account for all of my data (and recommend this to EVERYBODY) and an Administrator account for system administration. I had used Macrium Free to take an image. I had also already restored my profile data by manually coping d all of my user data files from my profile backup to my newly created user account and set the file permissions to the newly created account.
  • Install Cobian backup and open in the newly created user account (assumed to be the same name and password as the previous installation
  • Using Macrium - navigate to the folder on the C drive image where Cobian is installed (C:\Program Files (x86)\Cobian Backup 11V)(
  • Copy the folders DB and Logs folders to the local drive
  • Using an Administrator account change the file permissions of the copied folders to Administrators Group
  • Using an Administrator account - stop the Cobian Service so the files can be renamed
  • Navigate to the Cobian installation and rename the DB and Logs folders to something else (I used DBold and Logsold)
  • Copy the folders recovered from the image to the Cobian folder
  • Change the file permissions on the copied folders and files in the Cobian folder. These should be
    • Everyone → All
    • ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES → Read & Execute, Read
    • Mine had several spurious entries probably arising from previous migrations from other computers and were removed
  • Reboot and log into the user account
It all seems to work! I have had a manually initiated backup complete and a scheduled backup compete. Note that due to the fact that I copied all my files into the new account profile the archive bit had been set on all of the files and 9as expected) the first incremental backup actually copied every file.

The *old files can be removed at some stage.

Is the above a valid way of doing it and would there have been an easier way?

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Re: Continuing backup cycle after rebuild

Post by cobian » Tue Jul 09, 2019 10:37 pm


Yes, it should work as expected. The only problem I could see in the beginning is the issue of the new user ID that should be fixed as son as you apply the new permissions to the files.

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Re: Continuing backup cycle after rebuild

Post by jcs14257 » Tue Jul 09, 2019 11:35 pm

Thanks for the confirmation.

It is still early days since I reinstalled everything but the backup has resumed my backup cycle correctly. One of my backup tasks rolled over a full backup and the previous full backup and linked incremental backups we processed correctly.

My backup is to a (now quite old) UNIX based Netgear NAS storage device and that does not use the Windows security, just the user name and password, and the NAS file permissions permissions appear to be working correctly without change even with my new Windows accounts (using the same user name/password as previously. I did not have to change the Unix accounts permissions.

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