Dealing with long running backups when using "Fixed day"

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Dealing with long running backups when using "Fixed day"

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Hi, we have 7 Differential backup tasks that we all run daily, sequentially, starting in the early evening. Each one has its own specific unique day to perform a full backup, set using the "fixed day" option.

The problem we're running into is that some of the tasks, when doing their full backup, run past midnight, and so once that backup is done, the remaining queued tasks run, and a second backup's full backup is triggered, because now it's that task's day - whereas we actually intended for that full backup to be that evening's run, not the one from the previous day that's been carried over.

I suppose a work around would be to stop using fixed day, and use the other dynamics settings and some hand triggered full backups to get everything into a nice rhythm, but it would be awesome if there was a setting that effectively said to evaluate the day based on the intended trigger time of the tasks, rather than the time it actually triggered, due to being stuck waiting for other tasks to complete.

What do you think? Either way, thanks for this excellent software
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Re: Dealing with long running backups when using "Fixed day"

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Could be possible yes. Or perhaps a better way would be to add new triggering options.
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