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Re: Announcement

Post by misho »

Dear Luis,

first of all, thank you for your great work and support up until now. We would all need to understand if you'd wish to leave the project behind for whatever reason, regardless of how successful, popular and useful your software has grown to become over the years.

But exactly because of how successful, popular and useful it is, I hope and I wish that a solution can be found, which would keep the project alive, available and healthy, now and in future.

Your announcement does set some things in motion. I would like to investigate, what approximately your codebase might be like, and see if I can propose a continuation plan. I guess I would need a couple of days to think things through for myself - so don't just shut down the world yet in the meantime, ok? :-D All the best!
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Re: Announcement

Post by synet »

Luis, sea cual sea tu decisión, gracias por todos estos años de Cobian.
No se puede agradecer lo suficiente con palabras la tranquilidad mental que aportaba tener un backup realizado con Cobian.

Sea cual sea tu decisión...Gracias!
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Re: Announcement

Post by Sygla »

Me sumo a todos los comentarios anteriores, utilizo mucho tanto Gravity como el Reflector, es un excelente programa y en mi caso tambien eh probado varios programas ( tanto gratis como bajo licencia paga ) y este los supera en mucho por muchos motivos, como dice algun colega, seguro tiene cosas que mejorar o solucionar pero aun asi es excelente, lamento que decidas alejarte del proyecto pero todos nos cansamos de determinadas cosas y lo primero siempre sos vos.
En mi caso no soy programador, pero si quisas podria ayudar con alguna fase si es que se llega a armar alguna comunidad que quisas lo pueda mantener y quisas lo puedan mantener y vos solo tengas que aprobar los cambios, no se si en algo podemos hacer para que el proyecto no muera, por favor decirnos como y desde ya y otra vez MUCHAS GRACIAS POR TODO Y SUERTE EN LO NUEVO QUE EMPRENDAS

utilizando el traductor de Google , dejo el mismo texto en ingles

Using Google Translate, I leave the same text in English

I agree with all the previous comments, I use both Gravity and Reflector a lot, it is an excellent program and in my case I have also tried several programs (both free and under a paid license) and this one far surpasses them for many reasons, as someone says Colleague, surely it has things to improve or solve but it is still excellent, I am sorry that you decide to walk away from the project but we all get tired of certain things and the first thing is always you.
In my case I am not a programmer, but if you want I could help with some phase if a community is set up that maybe can maintain it and maybe they can maintain it and you just have to approve the changes, I don't know if we can do anything So that the project does not die, please tell us how and from now on and again THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING AND GOOD LUCK IN ANY NEW THINGS YOU UNDERTAKE
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Re: Announcement

Post by zedpentium »

Hi Luis.

About the choices what to do with it.
For you, it would be nice if someone would like to buy it for a good amount of money. Choice 2

But i hope for 3. Open Source. It SHOULD stay alive, even tho it probably not getting regular updates.

As a hobbyist .net programmer C#. With WinForm in past and mostly WPF now, and currently .net 8,
that i could "fork" the code on github and make my own changes.

I would NOT want to be the "main" caretaker of it tho.
Which probably, have to handle/administer all demands for changes, features etc.
But i would definitely like the open source myself.

I have been using Cobian Backup,for all my personal backup needs since 2002. And early over FTP. And then SFTP.
To have backups/copies local and remote.

And will continue using it.

Eric "Zeddan" R
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Eric "Zeddan" - Sweden
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Re: Announcement

Post by badziewiak »

Maybe take a break from it, abandon it for a few months, then come back to fulfill some user improvement requests.
Anyway, thanks for a nice program.
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Re: Announcement

Post by servidem »

Hi Luis!

On the one hand, this announcement is very unfortunate and worrying. On the other hand, the personal situation you describe is very understandable.

Among the 3 options, I see #2 best for you.
Due to the quality of your product, letting the project die is very painful. While the open source option, considering the background you explain, is just as painful a risk if it ends up as option #1.

Now, do you think it is possible to start charging for the use of the product if this allows the continuity of your project? Subject to a plan that compensates the use of resources, even with the possibility that you can delegate the technical part under your supervision?

I understand the initial approach you applied to this, however, under this new scenario my intention is to offer alternatives for the well-being of the community, your effort and time spent, and the life of this great project. Above all, the time you dedicated and invested is worth not wasting and it is worth evaluating other options.

Any option you decide will be welcome. Much success and thank you!
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Re: Announcement

Post by ugur »

Hello Luis,

First of all, I would like to congratulate Reflector, it is a very successful project and it should really live, I think you don't want it to die either.

My opinion is, don't make a rush decision, give yourself some time, because if you make a rush decision, you may regret it later. But if you still want to leave it, my choice is the 3rd choice and I can contribute as a software engineer when I have time.

Thank you, all the best. :APP
Ugur, Turkey.
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Re: Announcement

Post by cobian »

Thank you everybody for your opinion. I'm not rushing. Will take some time to make a decision.
Luis Cobian
Cobian Backup's creator
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Re: Announcement

Post by Boonew »

Hi Luis,

I totally understand and agree with most of the feedback you have received. I'm relatively "new" to your system (I found it installed on a machine I was servicing). I can say it is a superior product, especially a homegrown, owner-supported Application.

I would also vouch for Option 2, as this would be in your best interest, but reservedly hope for Option 3 as it is in our best interest ;)
As shared by some, if you could build a team around you to take the pressure off, it would help you grow the capability of this application.
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Re: Announcement

Post by kmuckenhaupt »

Thank you for the years of effort you have invested in this software. I use it exclusively to back up my critical files. If you must select an option, I suggest #3. Putting the software in the open-source environment will allow others to customize it as they see fit.
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