Network directory not found

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Network directory not found

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Since I switched to Cobian Reflector, I keep getting the error message:

ERR 2022-01-15 11:45:24 Cannot backup the directory "\\HAYPILE\Box\Cloud\USERS\John": Directory not found.

CR is running as application. The named folder is a network folder set in Windows as the current user's document folder. Whenever accessing through Windows Explorer, the folder can be accessed without any problems (read & write). By the way the path \\HAYPILE\Box\Cloud\USERS is mapped in Windows as a drive. I also tried explicitly impersonating this very user but it hasn't changed anything. What could be the reason that the directory can't be found by CR?
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Re: Network directory not found

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If the program is running as an application it should find the directory… so no idea..
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