mirror task (not) possible with a sftp target

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mirror task (not) possible with a sftp target

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no separated backups, no shadow copies, no compression, no encryption, full backup counter = 10

am i'm guessing (by trial) right, that i can't have a mirror task with a sftp target server?
what i'm missing here is that no files get deleted on the target side.
on a trial then, i did setup a clone job with a local device target and it did work.
the l´task log then even reads something like this, proving that some mirroring is underway.
2022-08-13 20:40:20 Mirror operation. Checking for non-existing files on the source...
2022-08-13 20:40:20 The mirror check has been done.
this is not the case for the task with a sftp target, the tool doesn't even complain in any way.

thanks peter
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Re: mirror task (not) possible with a sftp target

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That's right. Only non-remote destinations are supported at this moment.
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