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Lately I have been thinking about working on some other projects, and doing something really different with my free time. I have really grown tired of the backup program. I've been working on Cobian Backup first and then Reflector since 2005. That's a lot of years, all by myself. I have been playing with version 3 of Reflector, but I feel not motivated at all and my heart is not really there anymore.

So I have three possible ways to go:

1. Let the project die.
2. Sell the source code to anyone interested (contact me NOW)
3. Make the project open source and detach from it.

The third case is almost always equal with nr.1: research indicates that a staggering 95% of newly created open source projects meet abandonment within a year. And it needs at least one active developer which will be the repository owner and wants to be in charge of the project. The project is completely done in C#/WPF. Only one commercial library is used for FTP/SFTP which should be replaced by any other free/open source alternative.

So, please, leave your thoughts below about the future of the software.
Luis Cobian
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Re: Announcement

Post by tetsu »

Es una lástima leer esto, pero también se entiende que lo realizas, como bien lo comentas, en tus tiempos libres; ahora sí que aquí lo importante es que tú estés bien, que uses tu tiempo para cosas tuyas y de tu persona. En relación al programa, pues creo que se tienen las alternativas (el Gravity por ejemplo) y para los más exigentes la del internet.
Entonces, ahora sí que lo que decidas hacer, les guste o no a los demás, deberán de aceptarlo.


It is a shame to read this, but it is also understood that you do it, as you mention, in your free time; Now the important thing here is that you are well, that you use your time for things about yourself and yourself. In relation to the program, I believe that there are alternatives (Gravity for example) and for the most demanding, the Internet.
So, now what you decide to do, whether others like it or not, they must accept it.
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Re: Announcement

Post by GiacomoGo »

tetsu wrote: 03 Jul 2024, 19:19ahora sí que aquí lo importante es que tú estés bien, que uses tu tiempo para cosas tuyas y de tu persona.
Well said, Tetsu. I respectfully second, with great gratitude. Your line of backup projects have saved me more than a couple times over the years and implementations (including full and immediate recovery from several hard-drive failures and a motherboard failure). Your products are so exceptionally good that I must believe you truly enjoyed them and that you were following your heart then. Now is now, and I wish you the best.
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Re: Announcement

Post by BDisp »

Please don't let the project die. I opt for the 3rd option and I would like to contribute to the improvements that I have already expressed. C# is my favorite programming language and I could contribute because I have been a user of your software for many years. I could contribute pull requests and you just merge if you approve your review. Thanks.
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Re: Announcement

Post by maracuchos »

me gusta mucho el programa lo uso desde hace años . no he podido aportar por la condición de Venezuela que no podemos hacer envíos al exterior.

me da mucha lastima ver tus palabras y entiendo que si no se esta a gusto no se puede hacer algo excelente como lo has estado haciendo.

espero puedas hacer tus otros proyectos igual de excelente que este y si es posible continuar aunque con menos actualizaciones seria genial...

felicitaciones por todo tu esfuerzo
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Re: Announcement

Post by PeVo »

Hello Luis,

A very sad message, but I do understand it, 20 years is a significant part of your life and that the challenge is gone after such a long time, of course.

As described above, the past years I compared several programs with yours, but no one (even expensive commercial ones) do what your program does.
I sincerely hope that there is someone to proceed with Reflector and if that is a commercial party, so be it.
I love the program and hope I can use it for a long time to come.

Thanks for all the time and effort you put in this program.

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Re: Announcement

Post by Jafan »

Disfruta de tu nueva vida y muchas garcias por tu dedicación y tu trabajo.
Yo seguiré por aquí con Reflector mientras exista un S.O. que lo soporte, :)
Enjoy your new life and thank you very much for your dedication and work.
I'll still be around with Reflector as long as there is an O.S. that supports it, :)
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Re: Announcement

Post by Guilletzky »

Hello Luis
Sad to hear that, but you life is your life....And you deserve to live it the way you want it to be happy.
I'm a freelance IT sysadmin and I was using your software for a lot of years. I've tested another bunch of backup software, even free or commercial, with a lot of different customer's scenarios...and I can tell you for sure, that Cobian Backup is one of the best backup software available now on, even after all the IT changes during the last years.
It has some issues or limitations, yes, of course, all of the software has issues and bugs and fails from time to time...But this one was being developed only by you...without the help of anyone...and for free. That's a lot (really, a lot). I have customers paying for licenses of commercial backup software, which support lacks everywere or directly sucks.
Your commitment, just for the simple fact of reading the forum messages and implementing improvements and patches every day, is invaluable, and shows that you're a great human being behind this piece of software.

But, all of us change with time. In the past, I've dedicated my free time only to IT, now I don't, I have children, and a lot of things to do in my personal life other than IT that makes me more happy than IT....and you deserve the same for sure.

Personally, I opt for the 3rd option, since I'm an Open Source user, supporter, and I was a small and humble collaborator for a few projects.
I think that due to the magnitude of your project, it will never die. I'm sure a lot of people can and will contribute...I'm not a developer or a programmer, but for sure I can contribute with other aspects (translation, testing/bug reports).

But, it's your call. Go were your heart makes you happy, and keeps you alive.

One more time, thanks thanks thanks.
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Re: Announcement

Post by reinier »

Hi, I agree and understand fully how it feels.
I do not have indepth programming expierience I am afraid to maintain the project in an open source setting, but am willing to try and team up with BDisp.

But foremost - let the project not keep you from exploring other projecs that will trigger your creativity. Shelf the project with many thanks from all of us!
Gr Reinier / Netherlands
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Re: Announcement

Post by ira »

First off, congratulations, I know how hard it can be to walk away from a labor of love. I wish you the best in the future. Please don't choose Option one, your software is way to good for that. Being here watching the software grow, feeling sad when the last one was sold and then just seemed to vanish, joyful when Reflector appeared, thankful for the support you always so graciously provided and the very non typical and extraordinarily fast response time on those very occasional times when things went wrong and above all the quality of the software you provided made using your software and participating in this community this a joy.

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