Running both Reflector & Backup or similar

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Running both Reflector & Backup or similar

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Congratulations of the first public beta of Reflector. I have been a user of Cobian Backup for many years; thanks.
I used Cobian Backup for do a Full Back and then a series if incremental backups before another full backup etc. Currently I use another backup program, Personal Backup to achieve the same thing.

I now want to try Reflector. Can I run both programs and achieve the correct results or will one stop the correct files being backed up?

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Re: Running both Reflector & Backup or similar

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They work fine side by side but if you are using the same source in both programs with incremental or differential settings, then they could miss some files when the other program clears the archive attributes of the source. So use them with different sources if possible for minimum problems.
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