Delete empty folder in destination

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Delete empty folder in destination

Post by Graham »

I created a task and set the "type" to Differential ... set Source and Destination (using "Folders") ... set values in Dynamics for "... copies to keep". All other settings were default/not set.

The backup was run multiple times ... The differential backup created empty folders in the destination for all folders in the source including destination folders that were empty because no file had changed in the source.

I ticked ... Advanced -> Ignore empty directories ... and the lowest level of empty sub-directories was not created in the destination ... higher level empty sub-directries were still created.

I use CB and CB does not create empty folders ... CB does not create the top level folder in the destination if zero files have been backed up when it is a differential backup and no files have been backed up.

Can I get CR to function in the same way as CB and not create any empty folders?

Plus ... CR has "Delete empty directories" at Advanced ... CR has "Ignore empty directories" ... Is it better to use "Delete" instead of "Ignore".

Thank you for your help.
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Re: Delete empty folder in destination

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Thank you... Will see what can be done.
Luis Cobian
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