Adding filter masks

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Adding filter masks

Post by gvd »

Hi Luis,

You added the possibility to enter several masks separated by commas on one line in the task filters.

Great but ...

  • don't forget to document that feature in the help :geek:
  • don't forget to add that entering several masks on one line will generate several lines in the list of included/excluded files

Not knowing that when I enter several masks at once they would end up on separate lines, I edited the third item (exact location does not matter) from a list of twelve exclusions and replaced "*.bak" by "*.bak,*.log" and could not see any change. I tried several times until I found that "*.log" where now at position 13, 14, 15, ... in my list :D.

Can you add a control on existing occurrences of a filter element ?

Have a nice day.

evangelist 8-)
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Re: Adding filter masks

Post by cobian »

I took the lazy way because processing comma separated masks in the engine would need a substantial rewrite in several places. :lol:
Luis Cobian
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