Programs and files not VSS compliant

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Programs and files not VSS compliant

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Dear Cobian,

This is NOT a Cobian issue, but I am hoping if you have a workaround for it.

Under the old Cobian Backup, an error is thrown whenever Backup comes across a file that is locked and the program locking it is not VSS compliant.

In my wrapper code, I check for an kill a number of these programs, but sometimes the users needs them left running, so my wrapper has a switch to not kill vss stinkers. But they get marginal backups because of it. Thunderbird and QuickBooks are the main offenders.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,

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   $TaskList = RunCmd ( "tasklist" );
   for $TaskList.lines -> $Line  {
      my $ImageName = $Line;
      $ImageName ~~ s/ "  " .* //;
      # print "ImangeName = [$ImageName]\n";
      if $ eq 
             "chrome.exe".lc      | 
             "brave.exe".lc       | 
             "firefox.exe".lc     |
             "iexplore.exe".lc    |
             "msedge.exe".lc      |
             "vivaldi.exe".lc     |
             "QBW32.EXE".lc       |   
             "thunderbird.exe".lc  {
         print("   task to kill: taskkill.exe /IM " ~ $ImageName ~ "\n" );
         RunCmd( "taskkill.exe /IM " ~ $ImageName ~ Q[ > nul 2>&1] ~ "\n" );
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