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About translations

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If you want to translate the program and include the translation with the official distribution:

1- Start the Translator from the Tools menu.
2- Create a new language and begin your translation
3- There are two files to translate: the engine file and the UI file
4- Some strings in the UI file are sensible to length. Because some of those strings are labels for some controls, it's important to maintain the length of those strings in such a way that the text doesn't go out of bounds.
5- Check all controls when your translation is done to see that all text is inside the controls or that no control gets deformed because some string is too long
6-If your language is already translated, do not start a new translation. Just contact the author of the existing translation and work on a single one
7- Hint: some terminology could be hard to translate. Fortunately so have Microsoft a site where you can find the official translation of almost any technical term as used in Windows. Use it if possible. The site is found here:


8- When the translation is done, just mail it to me so I can include it with the distribution.
9- Unfortunately, I cannot not check all translations for those languages I don't speak/understand, so... do your best. 8-)
10- Good luck.
Luis Cobian
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