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Engine not found

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Cobian Reflector (and backup) have several components. The user interface (the part you see as an icon on the system tray) is just that, a user interface and does nothing else than to interact with the user. It cannot backup nor it runs any schedule. The part that works, is "the engine", an invisible process that can be run as an application or as a service. If you see the message "Engine not found" and no list is shown on the user interface then the cause can be:

* If the program is working as an application, then perhaps you have started the user interface only. This doesn't starts the engine. You should start the program called "Cobian Reflector Application". This starts the engine AND the user interface.

* If the program is installed as a service, then perhaps the service cannot be started. This can happen for several reasons, like, for example, if the account running the service has been installed with a password that has been changed. If that is the case, jut reinstall the service entering the new password.

* The engine has crashed. This should not happen, but if it did, you will find some info using the Event Viewer. Use the Cobian Reflector forum to open a case.
Luis Cobian
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