I get the message "The safe mirror directory does not exist or is not accessible"

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I get the message "The safe mirror directory does not exist or is not accessible"

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A mirror is NOT a backup and should NEVER be used. If you, for example delete a file on the source by mistake then it will be deleted from the mirror as well and you will NEVER get it back. Why does this option exist? Don't get me started on this...Don't ask... :oops:

In order to somehow limit the potential danger of this function, the program uses a "safe mirror directory". Its a kind of Recycler bin that is used to store the files that are deleted from the destination when they don't exist on te source anymore.

The program checks i this directory exists AND if the user running the backup can write to it. Often that is not the case. The safe mirror directory can be configured on Options-Advanced. But there is no guarantee that the task can write to it anyway. Bear in mind that, if running as a service, the user running the task is often NOT the same than the user operating the UI.

So what can you do to solve this problem?

The easy way:

1- locate the directory used for the safe mirror (Oprions-Advanced) or change it to some other folder.
2- Change the permissions to that folder to (again, the easies way) full permissions for all users

The not-so easy way: if you know what user is running the task, you can somehow limit the permissions to this folder.
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