Problem with Win X and archive attribut

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Problem with Win X and archive attribut

Post by knabe »

Hello there !

I'm new on the forum and would like to apologize if I ask something which was already "treated" ... (I made a search with "Archive attributs" and got no result ...)

I use Cobian Backup to backup my drives on an FTP server.

I make "differential" backup with the attribut option clicked. I also click the "reset archive attribut" ...

With my "Explorer" I've reset all the archive attribut in my files/folders.

I start my Cobian Backup task and .... he copy everything !

And, if I have some files with the archive attribut on ... it stay on after the backup.

Where did I made wrong ?

Thanks in advance for you help.

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Re: Problem with Win X and archive attribut

Post by cobian »

Nothing is wrong:

1- The first backup will always be FULL
2- Differential backups don't reset the archive attribute (incremental do)
Luis Cobian
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