Out of memory error

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Out of memory error

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Hi there,

I get Out of memory error during backup in a strange way.

Backup size is 45.7 GB
ZIP compressed
Destination disk is over the local network and with space enough to allocate the copy

Working fine for some weeks, maybe months (I will have to check for the next occurrence).
Then, one day, the backup crashes after 8 minutes with out of memory error.
I checked that there is access to the disk on the local network, there is space, no any strange file to copy... :shock: :shock:
Then I uninstall Cobian keeping config files, I install it again and it works again fine.
This is happening occasionally in the last 3 years. I never checked if the periodicity is same or not.
Same Windows 10 installation with unavoidable updates of course.

So, I have the solution of uninstalling and reinstalling, but is it possible to find why this error?

Thanks & regards.
Paco Pérez Caballero.
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Re: Out of memory error

Post by cobian »

I would guess a better solution would be restarting the service. No need to re-install (I guess),
Luis Cobian
Cobian Backup's creator
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