Can´t backup on NAS

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Can´t backup on NAS

Post by 1Zivi »

Hi there,

I'm trying to back up files on a NAS.
In Windows Explorer I can access it without problems and also create new folders. However, if I enter the path to the NAS in Cobian, Cobian cannot create a folder. I then get the following error message in the logfile:
Couldn't create the destination directory "\\\Public\": The syntax for the file name, directory name or volume label is incorrect.

It doesn't matter whether I enter the IP address, the network name of the NAS or the network drive.

I do the same backup on another PC and it works without any problems there.

I've been looking for hours but can't solve the problem. It's probably just a stupid configuration setting.

Hopefully you have an idea that can help me.

Many thanks in advance!
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Re: Can´t backup on NAS

Post by cobian »

I would begin by changing the installation mode from Service to Application to see if the problem is solved.
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Re: Can´t backup on NAS

Post by Lysergic »

Hello everyone!
Just stumbled with this same problem here and this is how I could solve it.
We have a Windows domain controller and the NAS is connected to it, so I created one backup user, set it to administrator group and set the permissions to that user in the NAS share.
After that go to Cobian, edit the task and navigate to advanced tab, enable impersonation and put the backup user credentials.
Screenshot below :)
Screenshot at Sep 10 11-33-39.png
Screenshot at Sep 10 11-33-39.png (35.74 KiB) Viewed 855 times
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