Automatic Folder Creation...

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Automatic Folder Creation...

Post by Tim » Sat May 11, 2019 8:46 pm

Hi Everyone.

I am new to this software but so far I like it and it fits my needs completely except for one thing... and that may be a "me" issue not having it configured right. It seems to be a simple, straight forward and easy to use piece of software, a refreshing changed from some of the other stuff out there.

Let me paint the scenario of what I am trying to achieve. Please excuse my poorly hand drawn pic.

I am only going to be dealing with FULL backups. I need this software (or any other, preferably this one though) to be able to create a folder and back up the files to it. The folder would be different every day.

In my example, once the files are gathered as such, I would like them saved on my "X:" drive, in a pre set up folder called "Backups". I would like the software to be able to create a new folder in the "X:\backups\" folder that could be an incremental name... like "May9", "May10", "May11" etc.

Each days backup would have its own folder. After a certain number of days I would delete the earliest bunch of backups.

My question is, can this software create Folders like that? It does not have to be daily or monthly names... even an incremental number would be fine... "1", "2", "3" etc.

Is there something I am missing? If not I think that could/would be a valuable feature to have in the future.

Many thanks in advance if anyone could answer this.

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Re: Automatic Folder Creation...

Post by cobian » Mon May 13, 2019 8:15 pm

Just check "Create separated backups using time stamps" AND set "Full copies to keep" to the number of copies that you want to maintain.
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