Incremental Backup

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Incremental Backup

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hello, i have some question about incremental backup. I have task, every work day i do incremental or diff backup , at saturday i do full backup.
Then i use Differential backup i can setup in "Dynamics" Full copies to keep 2 and different copies to keep 5
and system automatically delete full and diff copy.
Then i use "Incremental" backup i can setup in "Dynamics" only "Full copies to keep". How i can do thish schema.
Saturday = full backup
Monday = inc
Tuesday = inc
Wednesday = inc
Thursday = inc
Friday = inc

saturday = create new full backup and after success remove old full and inc backup .
or i can setup only "full copies to keep" and than removing full copies system automatically removed inc copies for this full copy ?
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Re: Incremental Backup

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I would set a daily incremental backup with "Use fixed day" on Saturday and Full copies to keep = 2.
Luis Cobian
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