Why not add "make password visible" option?

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Why not add "make password visible" option?

Post by marklar » Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:08 pm

I have several backup jobs running with a 12 character password.
Some files disappeared so I need to open the zipped and encrypted files.
The jobs that create these backups are still running.
Why not provide an option to make these passwords visible?

The security is certainly appreciated... but it doesn't make sense to hide passwords to this extent...if a hacker can get to Cobian...then it's pointless to hide that password...he/she would have access to the files anyway!

The way it's designed right now is just making it difficult for whoever lost the password.

A tiny update that would allow to make the password visible would go a long way and, i am sure, help a lot of people.
The author could also create a version called 11p that has the feature to reveal the password...if a user doesn't want that feature simply doesn't have to install it.

Someone could also say: a hacker could install that version and reveal that password...but if a hacker can get to the pc or server you use and install something without being authorized...then you already have much bigger problems.

Please Luis consider this idea, I am sure most users of Cobian would appreciate it.

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Re: Why not add "make password visible" option?

Post by cobian » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:14 am


Thank you for your input. If some new version sees the light, this will definitely be implemented.

Luis Cobian
Cobian Backup's creator and Developer

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